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We undertake the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Fire Alarm and Detection Systems.


Fire Alarm and Detection





Fire Protection


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Fire Rated Cables by Ramcro Web : http://www.ramcro.com/
  • Some of significant features of Ramcro FR Cables
    1. FR cables are available from 0.75 sqmm – 16.0 sqmm and 1 core – 19 cores
    2. Complies in full with BS 6387 cat CWZ
    3. Also available in other standards too eg. BS 7629 EN 50200, etc
    4. LPCB approved
    6. ISO 9001:2008 certified
    7. Manufactured in Italian factory
    8. Outer sheath available in Red or White
    Fire Alarm and Detection by Cooper Fire Safety Web : http://www.cooperfire.com/

    Some of significant features of Cooper FAS

    1. Both UL listed and LPCB (EN54) approved ranges are available
    2. UL 864 9th edition, Class A, Style 7 statement -latest technology product with latest approval
    3. 1 – 4 SLC loop FACPs networkable up to 126 nodes
    4. Touch screen LCD display
    6. 800 Alpha Numeric characters in the screen
    7. All field devices with In-Built short circuit Isolators
    8. Loop powered Sounders (both UL & EN) – reduces the cable quantity require for power supply
    9. Soft Addressing
    10. 200 any field devices with 100% loading
    11. Heat Detectors & Sounders can be operated/programmed from panel level
    13. Sounder base with flasher
    14. From Remote Indicator to FACP; all manufactured by Cooper – Optimum performance
    16. Digital PAVA, can be seamlessly integrated with FACP
    17. Drift compensation (Sensitivity adjustment) & chamber monitoring (proper alignment of IR Transmitter & Receiver) system available
    18. Each loop distance can go up to 2 km with 1.5sqmm screen/shielded cables
    19. 126 Networkable Panels – Networking cable length 01 km can be boost beyond that
    20. Repeater panels can sit on the same SLC loop and takes one address. Networkable option also available
    13. LED pipe like structure can easily viewed 360 degree in Detectors
    14. Inbuilt Battery backup as per approved norms
    16. Customer LOGO can be downloaded to the panel display